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Above his house, under his gallery from Purcaret, on a knob from the hill they buried until the second RESSURECTION.
Relu ran off because of his shame, of his awfulness after what he had done. He has bitten the hand of the one he gave him to eat. He punched the one that cut off from his piece of bread so that he could fid him, teach him, build him a home, and place him in the same line with all the people. That’s how he thank the man that have done everything so he would be well and God what didn’t he do! He cannot explain his gesture but since he was unemployed it seemed God has darkened his mind and life. Healthy he was, except his only affection. He could cut, chop, sell and build wood. In the neighborhood there was an old man that was paying for occasionally necessary household work, he could build up houses, daub, any work there was to do he could do it, healthy he was, only the fact they unemployed him was humiliating him. All these homemaking work he was doing also when he was working as he was a capable and hard working man, but now he could not do anymore, he could not find his inner peace, inside his home. He missed waking up at a regular time, going to work regardless the weather. He was missing that working discipline he was raised in, being incapable in choosing. While he wasn’t at work, when it was a feast day, he used to get drunk with all his friends. Now he had all day long free and he had no idea how to act. After he went across the hills for two days, he saw himself near Halmeu. He didn’t have any id with, he passed the Hungarian border. He went at the Salgatorian mines. There he found other helpmates, they guaranteed for him and he worked there for more than a year. He could not get a high class salary if he didn’t show up his id that would proof his competences. He sent home all he “gathered” and asked them to send him all his papers, including passport. The wife thanks him for the money and the fact he thinks about them, wished him health and then she wrote him that: “father, after the punch you gave him, died”.

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