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The dead ones not long ago considered “someone” in this area. Now, people from the village, not only do they pass by the tomb of this family, but none says a word to the ones from this family still living. They don’t see them, as if they do not even exist. Finally, there was someone who eventually said hello to them. As if he glimpsed my perplexity, a villager tapped me on the shoulder, telling me:
-They are cousins, sir … and left, to go to his work.
Gleaning from a villager and from the encounter with the “country side”, with the village, gave me a special feeling which became more and more evident growing in my behaviour having the power to erase from my mind and from my soul all the stress accumulated in a week of work. I felt like I was at home, as if I was near the ones I love, protected and needed, just as in a family reunion after a long time apart. Leaving the graveyard and reassembling, each with their own group, you could hear remarks about the special service, given by the old priest.
Our host for that day, “Buia Toma”, then commented on the occasion:
-As a constant beneficiary of this priest’s honored service not only to our village but also to those other villages in the area, I can say he is swely our worthy apostle. The problem did occur which is discouraging, because my father, one of the founders of this church, and other parents contributed to the church’s construction. They had not considered that the building of a church needed to be an appropriate size for the small number of people in the village. They dared to build our church in size as big and magnificent as the churches from the border villages. Their ambition was much too high for the smallest village around. Although, you may see that the church was completed the priest, until now, was not able to see his church full of Christians. Maybe, this could be the reasons why today he was able to preach in such a special way. For him, this day became also an event. For the first time, he admired the congregation he had desired for a lifetime. You could feel that even he could not believe this thing could happen, which would explain why his eyes were closed during the whole service. Possibly for him it was still a dream, and he was afraid to wake up… from the dream and the wish of his life. “Buia Toma” “caught me” looking closely at the tombs in the graveyard. “Did you know somebody from here?”

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