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He died after a heart attack, leaving his family, friends, acquaintances, widowers after a remarkable human being. Over two hundred people took place at his convoy considering that our village doesn’t have more than one hundred places, there have came lots of acquaintances, lots of friends, with over fifty wreaths and bouquets of flowers. Almost all the consorts of the convoy were inflamed with coldness, within their bones. Their feet were so frozen that none of them has swallowed a bite at the alms gift, until they took a few glasses of plum brandy, to warm up, and still with all this nobody has left the convoy. People were saying that his mother, of the driver, turned out to be a young widow, having to raise around seven children, and in the same time her death left a big hole for her children’s soul, causing them a lot of suffering, for lots of years after her death. Little left for one of them to follow her right after this. The shock was induced by the driver’s wife imprudence that has thrown his wreath of flowers over his mother’s coffin. This horrible and unjustified imprudence, stoned the driver’s brother that according to the imprudence made will be the first to follow his mother. The man did not say a word at the senselessness of his sister-in-law, moving on. He took this as a premonition, mainly because they never argued; she did not annoy him with anything. The driver’s brother knew everything is evanescent, but like everyone of us he hasn’t “done his homework” regarding this chapter. He was staring with cold eyes at the superposed tomb, knowing for sure that he will be the cohabitant from “the tier”. Few years have pasted and the premonition was about to come true. An infarct “attempted” his heart, reminding him of the empty place, at the tier of his mother’s tomb. I have told you this terrible story because the driver’s brother survived the infarct, while the driver died of the same illness in the arms of the doctors that assisted him.
– It is true that today some sad events gathered us up here, joined the conversation a true citizen, one that has been through the recent revolution. He was invited to join this Memorial Day, alike the others. Let’s not forget that today is also a celebration day, the day in which we celebrate Thomas, and I believe I could move the stories to different direction. In fact I will retell the story of a friend of mine, a story that I believe it affected all of us in a way: „ We were about five years far from the „ two hours television”, in which were broadcasted „grand indications”, and right after „ the payment of the external debts”. It was a date that for most of the people became a sad one to remember, although that „from above” it was turned into a celebration of those days.

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