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Because I could not go for my holidays so suddenly, in my spare time, missing the main occupation I have, I have chosen to use my time before the fests, in visiting my relatives. So being, together with my wife and children we “settled” in visiting. As in the most times, we didn’t have a lot of food in our fridge (talking about the time after the year 1981, when the crises got worse until unbearable). The nut tree we planted in front of our apartment house still kept some nuts for us, enough to cook one cake, while the flour …was on feed/ration (1/2 kg per person). Like people on big foot, we chosen for our first visit the relatives that weren’t so close, by all means. They were the relatives that were living in “Hatvan” once known as being the gypsy neighborhood. Between us and them there were about 4 km distance. We were glad they were home as we hit hard the problems: “What are you doing on holidays?” There where years when the New Years Eve was on the hand of every “earthling” and anyone could enjoy it according their own savings, there were collective friends parties, parties of people who knew how to party, living the true holidays. In the last years, the menus with “the fish that nobody wants”, with the “songs selected by someone” and the least “insignificant” prizes, were leading everyone to mind their own needs. During our visit we also discussed about the “exposures” revealed as commercial from the TV show that will be broadcasted on the New Years Eve night (a small observation, we were talking about the program after 12 o’clock, before that the program was “theirs”). The hosts told us with regret that they were not able to watch this show because their TV was broken and at the workhouse they do not receive anything for fixing until after the holidays, so … It is not a gossip, but it seems like when you most wish your TV to work, that is when it breaks. Us, having two TV’s (in order to get through the above annoyance) we offered, with heartache, to borrow one of it until they fix their own. So that the house wouldn’t be empty on holidays. It’s not as if we were using two Televisions; do not get us wrong! God forbid us! We were being allocated 20 Kw every month. If you happened to head over this consumption they would disconnect you. In order “to settle” in this miserable standard consumption we spent a lot in changing the equipment and still we did not succeed. The halls had no bulb and inside the rooms we had bulbs of 25-40 W. We used turn on the radio only for the news and the traditional music shows (by that time the radio program was being printed). The fridge became the comforts’ caricature. We had it but we could not use it, it would spend the entire electric current “ration”. The TV …

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