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They didn’t tell us anything, they didn’t give us anything, not even a bit of hope! A friend of mine got the chance to run to Hungary where the first „course of formula 1” from the socialist countries was initiated, friend that didn’t miss the chance to tell me that : „he pisses on my patriotism”, was telling stories like, „in there” you can buy the sausage (a good one) and the meat „to an ounce”, as for us, Romanians, we have the right in one year to stay for four times, all day long in an endless row. Some of these products we were able to see only from time to time, otherwise, there were happy days, to get a small quantity of meat by-products. Products that were prohibited in those times. At 8 o’clock the „him and her” TV show, used to start, show in which most of the time was mentioned „their effort” for the success of the country, that for certain was considered „their personal” success. What else were we supposed to do if they „did EVERYTHING”? Today, while we are mentioned how many days we have to year 2000 in those times, we were used to be mentioned how many days there were until „the anniversary of him or her” were. After this they mentioned how many days have past from the “big event”. Seeing that “the line” of the show goes on, I shut down the TV, coming back to the thoughts that harass me daily: “From whom could I buy four cans of meat, to send my daughter at the Faculty?” Nobody was telling me anything.
The whole demonstration at the country level, has germinated a lot of doubts and questions regarding our living, with the final conclusion that: a better living while we are lead by “HE and SHE” could not be possible. Every morning, pupils will wait for me in front of the class door with impatience. They were probably thinking that the class will go on with stories about “the good living after this – eventful – day”. I entered the class room and “ accourding to the schedule” that they imagined, the first question was launched : “Teacher, what does it mean that we have paid our external debts?” A lightning stroke my memory. With a few weeks earlier, one of my old pupils, that by now was still serving in the army, was sitting at the door of my flat.
-”Sandu”, what are you doing here? I asked the soldier.
-You know, teacher, I have a list with a few people that I have to check if they are home. You can find yourself on this list.
-”Sandu”, we were in a good relation while you were a pupil. Why didn’t you knock at the door, to get in? Do you believe is nice to eavesdrop?

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