Thursday, August 13th, 2009 | Scriitor:

-Please excuse me, I would also like to see you, to change a few words, but we aren’t allowed to communicate with the people from the list, so … we cannot contact the ones that are being followed.
-What do you mean when you said followed?
-This is reality. I don’t know for what reason, in fact these lists are being changed everyday for the same reason I believe. We aren’t supposed to know and to have any kind of relationship with the persons we check. I come for the second time at your door …
-It’s fine “Sandu”, is not you who I’m angry at, this is our country…nowadays.
After a few seconds from this check, the eight year old child from my school arrives with another question :
-Father, doest God exist? What does, believing in Him, mean? The way that the question was formulated and told by the child, was obvious that the one that “conceived” the question knew God exists. He was interested only about the second part of the questioning, for which I was in a way forced to answer:
-”Mihaita”, do you have a father?
The child stared at me. He probably associated me in his mind with the “person” that asked him the same question and I appeared to him even more abstruse, most of all because he was asking for my help.
-Well, am I not your father?
– A …yes…sure…
-What do you think, did I have a father?
-Well…yes, of course you had…
– Then you understand that my father also had a father.
-Of course he also had a father…
-And it also existed the father of our father…
-Now I am sure that it existed.
-Well, you see? The first father was OUR FATHER, of all of us. During this conversation I continuously asked you if you “believe that the fathers” had father? All the answers you given me were affirmative, that means you were sure about that, that anyone has a father, familiar as I am, with respect and faith in the FATHER OF OUR FATHER.

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